Growing the freshest, tastiest, healthiest leaves is second nature to us

We pick innovative methods

We grow our leaves with care. For the land, nature, and each other. We use the latest innovations to grow safely and sustainably.

Salads and herbs
everywhere for everyone

We grow salads and herbs. We follow the sun to grow fresh produce all year round in the UK, Spain and Portugal.

01 Leaders in our field

Leaders in our field

We place sustainability at the heart of our business. Planting and maintaining conservation strips, for example, provide habitats and protection for our wildlife. Improving biodiversity is just one of the ways we are farming sustainably.

02 From plant to plate
From plant to plate

From plant to plate

As innovative growers, we use cutting edge technology at all stages of the supply chain. We control every step – from hand-picking seeds and choosing 100% recyclable pots and packaging, to transporting our fresh leaves and herbs in our fuel efficient fleet. We reduce environmental impact whenever we can.

03 Water is precious

Water is precious

We don’t waste a drop. We recirculate our water to irrigate our herbs and in the UK, the spring water we use to wash our salads is then used to grow our watercress. Safeguarding our supply and contributing towards more environmentally friendly methods of growing.

Meet the Vitacress family

We work together as expert growers within a close farming network across Europe producing the freshest, tastiest, healthiest leafy salads and herbs. We ensure the best produce reaches major supermarkets and consumers all year round.

Grown from our watercress and leaf farms in Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Kent, Vitacress Salads supplies the very best leaves around, grown with care for the environment.

Vitacress Salads

Vitacress Herbs is the market leader in the UK in both fresh cut and living herbs with over 25 years’ experience within the fresh herbs market.

Vitacress Herbs

In Portugal, Vitacress is a branded market-leader supplying many of the major retailers specialising in the production of baby leaves, watercress, salads, herbs and vegetables.

Vitacress Portugal

In the Netherlands, Vitacress Real grows, packs and markets fresh cut and potted herbs, along with other natural seasonings such as lemongrass, samphire and fresh garlic.

Vitacress Real

Vitacress Salads’ prepared Salad brand, Steve’s Leaves, is an award-winning range of fresh and tasty leaves grown from nature-friendly farms.

Steve’s Leaves

Premium quality herb brand, SEASON, launched in 2021 and offers an assortment of over 48 classic culinary and ornamental herbs.

We are one team with a shared goal
We are one team with a shared goal

We are one team with a shared goal

We are one team with a shared goal, to grow ourselves and our business while sustainably caring for every acre of every field in every farm. It is important to us that we leave things better than we found them.