Vitacress is taking important steps to prioritise its most valuable asset: its people. Investing in our colleagues ensures we do the right thing by our people whilst helping to fuel innovation, growth and long-term success for the business.

Growing is at the heart of our business

We are committed to fostering a culture of learning and development. Recognising that the skills and knowledge of our colleagues are critical to staying competitive in a fast-paced marketplace, we are investing in training and upskilling. Employees experience personal and professional growth and the satisfaction of working for a company that values them.

Matt Edghill has been working for Vitacress Herbs for over four years and following the successful completion of his apprenticeship, moved into a permanent role. “Over time, I was given more autonomy and responsibility, taking the lead on jobs to complete by myself. This progression allowed me to develop my knowledge and skills.”

Showing appreciation

We know that our success is directly linked to the motivation, dedication, and passion of our employees. Our new Employee Recognition Scheme is a powerful embodiment of that. It is designed to create a culture of appreciation, where the exceptional efforts and achievements of employees at all levels are acknowledged and celebrated.

Vitacress Portugal knows first-hand how important this is. MD, Vitacress Portugal, Carlos Vicente comments: “The teams in Portugal are really embracing our new recognition scheme. It provides everyone with the opportunity to recognise where a colleague has shown great behaviour and demonstrated our values. People are using the cards to say a special and personal thank you and the nominations for the first awards are flooding in.”

Following its launch, the team encouraged colleagues to get involved and took every opportunity to recognise their colleagues – over 50 ‘thank you’ cards were issued in the first four weeks, that’s a lot of appreciation! Sometimes, a simple thank you means a lot. Tânia Cortinhas, senior factory supervisor, says: “Although it’s new and people are still learning about it, the program started well. I noticed an immediate improvement in the culture and an increase in friendliness among colleagues. More than the monetary value, I really value the ‘thank you’ gestures.”

Empowering Career Advancement

The business promotes a growth mindset, actively encouraging employees to seek career advancement within the company. With the recent launch of our new Talent Development Programme in the UK, this approach provides development opportunities for people, encourages empowerment and ensures the business has well-qualified and motivated individuals. Nathaniel Wood, harvest supervisor at one of our farms in Wiltshire, comments: “The last six months as supervisor have been a real show of confidence from my managers who have allowed me the freedom to manage a team and take on more responsibilities.”

Vitacress embraces progression and recognition in the workplace where excellence is not just encouraged but celebrated. It highlights our commitment to our employees, believing that recognising and rewarding outstanding contributions is critical to the success of both its people and the business.