Our family

Meet the Vitacress family

We work together as expert growers from our farms in the UK, Portugal and Spain, and from our glasshouses in the UK, to produce fresh leafy salads and herbs all year round.

We ensure the best produce reaches major supermarkets across Europe. We also sell our premium quality SEASON herbs and prepared salad bags, Steve’s Leaves, directly to the consumer.


In Portugal, Vitacress is a branded market-leader supplying many of the major retailers specialising in the production of baby leaves, watercress, salads, herbs and vegetables. Grown on farms with perfect conditions - tempered by the sea breeze and bathed in the sun. With access to year-round sunshine and a vast network of suppliers, we’re able to supply fresh and tasty produce 365 days of the year.


In the Netherlands, Vitacress Real grows, packs and markets fresh cut and potted herbs, along with other natural seasonings such as lemongrass, samphire and fresh garlic. We specialise in multi-retailer and wholesale supply, with a constant focus on improving the connection of our products with consumer needs. This through innovation and category management. Because our goal is to let people enjoy delicious food, with natural seasonings.

Our herbs are grown regionally in the summer and we grow towards southern Europe in the winter. We grow sustainably and prefer to get our herbs as close to home as possible.

Steve’s Leaves

Vitacress Salads’ prepared Salad brand, Steve’s Leaves, is an award-winning range of fresh and tasty leaves grown from nature-friendly farms. Stocked in Waitrose, Ocado and Booths, Steve’s Leaves are grown from nature-friendly farms, washed in spring water and packed in 100% fully recyclable packaging. Paired up to create the perfect medley of textures and tastes, the range includes a variety of baby leaves including spinach, pea shoots, and watercress.


Premium quality herb brand, SEASON, launched in 2021 and offers an assortment of over 48 classic culinary and ornamental herbs. Vitacress Herbs developed the range to inspire people to eat healthier and greener using fresh flavour to elevate every meal. Grown by expert growers all year round, it includes everything from parsley and rosemary to lavender and dwarf sunflowers – perfect for both beginner and seasoned gardeners alike.

We grow salads and herbs

We follow the sun to grow fresh produce all year round with our farms in the UK, Spain and Portugal.