How and where we grow

Nurturing the future

How we grow

We are committed to taking our growing techniques to the next level in sustainable farming.

We invest in the latest innovation to grow the tastiest leaves while protecting and enhancing nature.

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We choose innovative methods

We put advanced harvesting technology at the heart of our farming - ensuring healthy soil and a nutritious crop.

We invest in technology that reduces soil compaction. Nourishes the land. Implements more efficient planting. Produces leaves of the highest quality. Develops AI solutions for weed control. Supports automation. Lowers labour reliance and improves worker conditions.

It’s a long list because we’re doing a lot. And we’re partnering with others to do it. Our Vitacress Farm Excellence Programme ensures we’re able to farm in the future.

“I like working towards a more sustainable future”

Julie Nilssen-Francis,
Raw Material Planner - Vitacress Herbs

Germinating new ideas
Germinating new ideas

Germinating new ideas

We are proud of being at the forefront of food innovation – developing new ways to make our leaves tastier. More unique. Special.

We work closely with world-leading plant breeders and seed houses to source new varieties. We trial and test sample batches, grown under our conditions on our farms and in our glasshouses.

We won’t stop innovating. Investing in New Product Development - from plant science and engineering solutions to food safety and leaf health. Researching to see what’s possible. And ensuring we deliver exceptional flavour, great quality and nutrition, and an increased shelf-life for our customers.

Not to mention supporting the next generation of growers, with their brilliant ideas.

Where we grow

We grow our nature-friendly leaves from our farms across the UK and sunny southern Europe and our fresh herbs from our glasshouses in the UK.

With farms across Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire and in Portugal and Spain, the complementary environments of our Vitacress family network mean we provide a year-round supply.

Growing is in our nature

We believe in nurturing the future of farming; we realise this doesn’t happen in isolation – on our own. We cultivate partnerships with businesses, organisations, and academics to grow our knowledge, embrace new technology, and produce the best plants with less impact on the planet.