Vitacress is proud to have committed to environmental transparency by disclosing its environmental impact through CDP, a global non-profit organisation that runs the world’s leading disclosure platform.

Disclosing data around environmental impact is now a business norm; in 2021, over 13,000 companies worth over 64% of global market capitalisation disclosed their environmental data through CDP, an increase of 37% since 2020. More than 590 investors and 200 purchasing organisations have requested environmental data from companies. By disclosing, we are prepared to handle the increasing demand for environmental transparency from customers and policymakers.

In its disclosure, Vitacress shared information on its initial carbon assessment data for scope 1 and 2.

Leah Mathias-Collins, Group Environment Manager, commented, “There is an increasing demand to provide clarity to both our customers and colleagues on what we are doing to reduce our impact on the environment. Working with CDP, it gives us a great opportunity to use the data captured as a benchmark for future progress and share the great work we’re doing.”

Sonya Bhonsle, Global Head of Value Chains at CDP, commented, “Climate change poses a present and future risk to companies and their supply chains. Only by measuring environmental risks and opportunities can companies manage them now, prepare for the future and remain competitive – especially as large mainstream investors and policymakers increasingly push for greater transparency through disclosure. By disclosing their environmental impact through CDP, Vitacress has taken an important first step. I look forward to their continued dedication to transparency and effort in securing a sustainable 1.5 degree future.”