As a business helping families eat better with our healthy fresh produce, one principle remains – the importance of delivering quality. Whether it’s product quality, which is paramount at Vitacress, the service we offer or our work ethics, quality underpins our success.

David visiting our farm in Wiltshire

MD, Vitacress Herbs, David Walmsley comments: “We are obsessive about food quality within our business. It’s critical that our retail customers and the end consumers are delighted every time they purchase our produce.” But when it comes to one of our Group-wide values – ‘Always Deliver Quality’ – it’s about much more than the quality of the produce we sell.

David continues: “it’s about a job well done, about being proud of everything we do and about delivering for our customers consistently day in, day out. As the leader in our business, I am privileged to see this value come to life every day in the way we work together as a team and the standards we set ourselves and those we partner with. The Vitacress badge means something to us all and the passion we have across our organisation for our reputation of quality is amazing.”

Vitacress regularly demonstrates this value in its daily operations.

Always – consistency is key

Our teams work hard to turn the complex into routine. We have developed a resilient supply chain that enables us to deliver a consistently high service level to all our customers. This requires dedication from the entire supply chain – from the procurement team, our farmers and partner growers, through to our inbound quality team who makes sure the crops meet our high standards.

Deliver – working to a common goal

Colleagues working together across planning, operations, technical and logistics to deliver what the customer wants on time and in full, despite potential delays such as volatile weather or transport delays. To manage the complexity of 120 production runs every day is only possible with a core strength and rigorous processes. The teams are then able adapt when orders change and the problem solving and collaboration kick in. Typically, we deliver 99% of all orders which is very impressive for such a diverse range of produce.

Quality – a collaborative effort

None of this is possible without amazing support teams who take pride in a job well done. It may be our engineers who ensure that our machinery is in optimum condition for efficiency. Or it could be someone in the business who spots a potential hazard and takes accountability to ensure our factory continues to operate safely and smoothly.

Sarah Pitts, head of technical at Vitacress Herbs, comments: “As a business we have integrity which is important, and we have a solid foundation of caring and wanting to do a good job.”

David adds: “As a business, if we try to operate with ‘quick fixes’, we will fail. Instead, we are a quality business and that means taking pride in everything we do. It’s about every job well done and the pride in the Vitacress badge and I for one, am proud of the rigour and accountability that I see in action every day.”