Meet Holly Geipel, our Commercial Manager for Horticulture. She recently attended the RHS Chelsea Flower Show as part of an exhibit celebrating the RHS 200th Anniversary of Education and Training.

Showcasing some very talented people (including Holly!) who work in the Horticulture industry, it highlights an ever-growing diverse, interesting and exciting industry to be part of.

Holly comments: “It was quite surreal. I stood in front of a somewhat large photo of myself! It was part of an exhibit featuring profiles of young people working in the industry. There was such a buzz around the exhibit, and it was great to see genuine interest from the public in the careers of the individuals.”

She was photographed alongside Freddie Strickland who was the RHS Young Designer of the Year in 2021. Holly explains “Freddie is another member of the Young People in Horticulture Association (YPHA) who works hard with a similar aim in mind; to raise the profile of Horticulture as a career option for young people.”

As Holly says, there’s still a long way to go to get Horticulture on the careers radar of many young people, but the YPHA is working hard to make this happen.