Madalina Brutu

Continuous Improvement and Training Supervisor, Vitacress Salads

Maddie's story

I like the fact that if I have something to say, there is someone who will listen and consider

How long have you been with Vitacress?

This is more complicated to answer. I have worked in production through agency for six months, followed by four years and six months on permanent contract.

Tell us a bit about your role at Vitacress?

At Vitacress, I have had the chance to work in a few different roles in various departments, all contributing to my current experience.

In September 2018 I was working few days per week through Abacus agency as a factory operative. It was very basic. At that time, I didn’t really have a plan. I just wanted to earn money. A few months later, the production manager recognised I had a good level of English, could see I am a quick learner and enthusiastic, so he introduced me to the technical manager to interview for the quality auditor role which I started in May 2019.

Three years in this role has given me great experience and understanding how the business works. After three years, I decided to move to a Process Improvement role which helps me to progress my career with Vitacress and have recently been promoted to Continuous Improvement and Training Supervisor.

People have empathy for other people at Vitacress. So many different cultures at Vitacress, all working together.

What do you like about working for Vitacress?

Vitacress has given me opportunities to grow and develop myself. I am enjoying the daily challenges and objectives achieved.

I like the fact that if I have something to say, there is someone who will listen and consider.

What do you think about the people and the culture?

People have empathy for other people at Vitacress. The last month was difficult for me, as I found out that my health is not as good position as I thought. It was challenging for myself emotionally and the support I have had from the workplace was unbelievably positive and helpful.

So many different cultures can be met at Vitacress, all working together.

The values which are repeated on reunions, written on the boards from the walls are very well known inside of production area. People are nominated for these values when they show ‘outside the box’ behaviours supporting the values. I have been nominated few times for demonstrating appreciation of Vitacress’ visions and values.

Are there any training and development opportunities for people at Vitacress?

Through Vitacress, I have just successfully completed my level 3 Food Technologist apprenticeship, also Health and Safety Champion.

Have you received any support for your development?

Without much detail, YES! More than I would have ever expected.

Sum up Vitacress in three words

Teamwork; Support; Empathy.

What would you say to a new starter?

Vitacress is the place to start from basic and develop yourself!