Vânia Santos

Supply Chain Planning Manager, Vitacress Portugal

Vânia’s story

This is a company with continuous growth and we are all part of it

What I admire the most in this company is the respect for its employees, with no distinction from the job level!

How long have you worked at Vitacress?

22 years

Tell us a bit about your roles within Vitacress?

I started working in Vitacress in 2001 in reception and expedition of produce. Back then, we only had the export business. After two years, my role was expanded and I also started doing quality control. It was here that I started having closer contact with baby leaf and learning about quality demanded by our customers. With the growth of the Iberian market, our production increased and I was invited to go to the farm Quality Control team to reduce harvest rejections. That’s when I started my journey with the farms; first with quality control and later, with the Harvest team. My last 14 years have been dedicated to harvest and management of produce received in the factory. By the end of 2022 I was challenged to take a new role in supply chain planning, which I have accepted and where I am now.

In your experience, are there training and development opportunities for people at Vitacress?

Our success is the success of the Company and training is one of the main pillars to allow us to achieve great results together. Based on my experience, the lack of expertise in one area is never a limiting factor on our professional growth in Vitacress. If there’s interest and commitment from the employee, training and development is always provided by the Company.

Have you received support for your development?

Yes, it was here that I started my journey in agronomy, always with support and encouragement!

Sum up Vitacress in three words?

Human, respectful, trustworthy.

What would you say to a new person joining the company?

Be resilient and transform moments into great learning opportunities. This is a company in continuous growth and we are all part of it, so share new ideas without any fear, and ask when you don’t know. As I usually say, there are no stupid questions, stupid is to be left without understanding!

Share a happy memory/funny story/key fact

During my journey as harvest manager in Azenha, I remember receiving a last minute request for a truck to be delivered when the harvest team was no longer present. In that moment, I didn’t know if we could meet the client’s request, but it showed how important it is to work as a team. I contacted some people and, what seemed impossible, became possible! After that, we went out for dinner together with a feeling of accomplished duty and proud of what we were able to deliver, together! As Michael Jordan says, “Talent wins games, but only team work wins championships”.