I spent 18 months working across various parts of the business within the growing/agronomy teams and on the farms. I worked on projects, many of which focused on our Second Nature priorities as we work towards net zero. For over a year now, I’ve worked at Mullens farm in Wiltshire managing the harvest team and getting involved in as many projects as possible.

I joined in September 2018 working a few days a week with no real plan. Since then, I’ve worked as a quality auditor and in a process improvement role for three years building up my experience of the business, and have recently been promoted to a Continuous Improvement and Training Supervisor.

My main responsibility is the management and delivery of the Vitacress environmental sustainability plan, Second Nature; brand ambassador for environmentally sustainability; leading the net zero Science Based Targets initiative; maintaining awareness of current legislation, emerging issues, international, national and local environmental issues, and manage their implications.

I started on a Graduate Programme in September 2021, and was meant to stay on the programme for two years rotating across four different parts of the business. However, I was offered a permanent position during my first placement, and ended up moving into an R&D Coordinator position in January 2022.

I have always enjoyed working on the farms with the growers in all geographies, a great team of grounded people. Baby leaf is fast moving and I have a lot going on all the time. This is one of the most intensive forms of outdoor farming, which you get a bit of a buzz from.

I started working in Vitacress in 2001 in reception and expedition of produce. Back then, we only had the export business. After 2 years, my role was expanded and I also started doing quality control on the reception warehouse.